Spring 2008. Interactive Interface Icubex/MIDI (video/Animation in real time)

This project is intended to create a workshop of students interested in developing experiences of communication through the interactive interface Icubex/MIDI. The project will be held by a group of 10 students of the Multimedia/Digital Arts sequence (Art and Communication track), and Music and Theatre departments. Also, the workshop will be open to any Faculty of these departments. The timeframe of the workshop will be two weeks, with 10 hours each week.

The first objective of the workshop is to develop a responsive environment using interactions led by the body, voice, sound and Video/3D Animation in real time.

The second objective of this project is to address the necessity of using responsive interfaces to facilitate the accessibility of disable people to interactive devices that involve education, health, security and entertainment.

The third objective is to open a research track in the Communication Department using emergent technologies in the Multimedia and Digital Arts program that include interdisciplinary and collaborative experiences with Art, Music and Theatre/Dance Departments.
The result and pieces created at the final of this project will be screened at UW-Whitewater in January/February 2008, and in the School of Art and Design in Oslo Norway for a conference I will have there in Winter/Spring 2008. See infusionsystem and Isadora